This is one of the many contemporary stained glass windows in the Central Lutheran sanctuary.

Adult Education

"Pray 60"

Men's Saturday Coffee—"Men of the Bible"
An opportunity to discuss how God worked through the men of the Old and New Testaments, and continues to work through us today. The men meet the first Saturday of each month in Casa Grande, and the third in Arizona City at 8 a.m.

Weekday Lunch—"Christian Basic Word Study"
The revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ is witnessed in scripture. In scripture we see that God's desire is to be in a loving relationship with us. This study is designed to help us grow in our understanding and practice of the Christian faith. You are invited to gather on the fourth Wednesday of the month in Arizona City at noon

Gracious Dining—"That the World May Know"
The land God chose for his people was on the crossroads of the world. God intended for the Israelites to exert influence on the nations around them. God's people were to serve him faithfully as the world watched. Our mission is the same, to live obediently within the world so "that the world may know" God. Multiple dinner groups are scheduled each month sharing the responsibilities for the meal.